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1700V 5A 1Ω SiC MOSFET TO-247-3
1700V 5A 1Ω SiC MOSFET TO-247-3

Product Category 产品类别:

1700V 5A 1Ω SiC MOSFET TO-247-3 碳化硅MOS


Product Application Examples 产品应用举例

  1. Power Adapters 电源适配器
  2. USB-PD Quick Chargers USB-PD快充电源
  3. PC Power Supplies 个人电脑电源
  4. Server Power Supplies 服务器电源
  5. Power Factor Corrections 功率因数校正
  6. Motor Drives 马达驱动
  7. Distributed PV Inverters 分布式太阳能逆变器
  8. E-Bike Charger 电动自行车充电器
  9. LED Drivers LED驱动
  10. 5G Base-station Power 5G 基站电源


Product Characteristics 产品特性

  • Zero reverse recovery that allows systems to operate at higher switching frequencies 零反向恢复电荷
  • Lower heat dissipation requirements 低散热需求
  • higher system efficiency can be achieved 高效率


Datasheet 规格书

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